Another look at lead generation services (speaking positively)

lead gen
Should you use lead generation services? I think not (for residential contractors) but there are different perspectives on the topic.

This article in InPaint suggests lead generation services could be helpful in boosting residential service contractors businesses, and cites some contractors and lead generation services in advocating the case for signing on and paying fees to these organizations.

I’m in the “anti” camp, along with marketers such as Bernie Heer, who believe that it is best to set up our own systems to develop and attract leads, rather than abrogate this important responsibility to third-party providers. They believe contractors can develop their own website and advertising strategies and truly own the leads — and more importantly, escape the crazy price-sensitive competition and loss of control that occurs when you sign on to the third-party providers.

(There is a different perspective about ICI leads services such as F.W. Dodge, CMD/Reid or other specialized services. These can help provide you with valuable market intelligence and you don’t need to sell your soul (and your direct marketing capacities) to apply the information to your business.)

Nevertheless, while I disagree with the pro-lead service arguments in this story, I respect that they have been made here.

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