Another early look at Augmented Reality (and some free exploration opportunities for you)

AR visualization
AR building construction visualizations
AR visualization
AR building construction visualizations

I observed in a recent posting that AR (Augmented Reality) is not quite yet the next great thing in architecture, engineering and construction marketing, and, as I look into the concept more closely, believe that it will still be a year or two at least before it becomes relevant to anyone but the earliest new technology adaptors. ?AR’s software/modeling techniques closely correlate with Building Information Modelling (BIM) — in fact the BIM models, in some of the early experiments, provide the base for the AR graphics.

This material from SmartReality, however, may provide you with some experimentation room, without budget-breaking costs. You can download the beta software and graphic models on your mobile devices, and see for yourself how BIM/AR could be a really powerful visualization and marketing resource for AEC practices and businesses.

Here’s their latest YouTube video, as well.

Note this stuff isn’t ready for prime time yet. This AR company clearly says their software is still at beta stage, and has bugs and flaws, and the YouTube video has seen (at time of writing this posting) just 1,812 views since it was posted on January 26.

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