Animated videos: Bringing life to your brand

The Gostickman approach: an innovative and relatively inexpensive advertising design option.

We’ve been working with to develop an animated video for our business. The process has been painless, from initial conception to near-completion. The videos are handy for social media, websites and easily managed (and tracked) through YouTube.

This kind of marketing resource is surprisingly inexpensive (costs would vary depending on the project’s complexity). ?The video format draws attention and allows you to address more abstract concepts in a visual format.

Here is our video as it is now.? will adapt the video to different brands/publications. This version will be revised but updates are easy — all I need to do is replace the youtube file link to make it work.

Gostickman notes that most internet viewers have an attention span of eight seconds or less. Yet the videos can capture and retain the attention by introducing new visually interesting images and concepts within that short time-span. These video resources of course should be the icing on the cake of your overall marketing strategy initiatives. Yet I think investment in animated video can have applications in many situations. I welcome your feedback to our video.

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