About search engine optimization: And the most simple rule

How effective is SEO, really?

Undoubtedly, you receive spam emails offering to “Put your site on the first page of Google” and you are well aware of the industry that sprouted after search became one of the most effective client finding tools. Clearly, the better your organic search ranking, the more effective your marketing will be, because a high ranking — that is especially among the top three on the first page, preferrably top spot, confirms your place as the category/niche expert

A recent WordStream post restates what Google has been saying for years: Don’t play games, but make your site genuinely appealing to visitors — and it will rank naturally as a result. The researchers tried a number of different tests and discovered, in the end, engagement really counts.

What Does It All Mean?

As these five experiments highlight, SEO is continuing to evolve in a way that rewards your pages and site based on how people engage with your content.

That means it?s mission critical to optimize for engagement.

In other words: Optimize for PEOPLE! Write headlines that will make them click and then reward them for that click by publishing amazing and memorable content that will make them want to stay on your site and share your stuff.

In some respects, this news makes the SEO process more easy and challenging than you might have expected.

It can be easier if you have worthy and engaging content to share, especially if you are serving a not-overcrowded niche (where other “SEO experts” have both the time and money to hold their place). It can be more challenging as I think it is rather hard to effectively outsource this process — the real value here arises from the effective sharing of your expertise and thought leadership; and I doubt many SEO consultants will be able to capture that, unless you already have the resources and information in place for them to apply.

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