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Kip de Moll
Kip de Moll

Kip De Moll’s Artisan Builders Workshop offers readers the rarest of combinations: Truly literate writing coupled with practical insights into the renovation business. The author is both a writer and a remodeler — and the combination of talents is quite apparent in his prose. (He is also a musician and general business/life consultant — though we’ll focus on the remodelling and blogging here.)

In a recent posting, for example, he explores the “why” of developing and maintaining a business plan — but avoids the hacked writing style common to many business plan pundits. In the section, “Why you do it,” he writes:

Most importantly, to be successful, we must keep the vision of our motivations close to our heart and in plain sight of all around us. The mission statement of a business plan is often the shortest but most powerful point.

The company that is just out for profit and ruled by money will get what it deserves.? Cash may flow, but they may have to be constantly scrambling for the next client.

The ones who live with the integrity of their mission will attract clients who become friends and return again and again to utilize the services.

I think you’ll find his blog pages to be exceptionally refreshing — and well written.

Here is an introductory paragraph where he explains his blog’s purpose:

This is a site to educate and inform, share productive news and pass warnings of changes on the sites. Plenty of magazines show pictures of the finished job and smiling clients who spent fortunes most of us will never have. I?m interested in sharing with the common folks, the guys on the job and the hard-working owners who stretch themselves to have the renovation they really can?t afford. This blog is about the truth. I hope you?ll join me on the scaffold.

Undoubtedly, this a blog worth book-marking and it is a worthy entry in the Best Construction Blog competition. Voting is under-way until April 1, 2013.

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