A worthy pat on the back for gostickman.com animated videos

The Gostickman approach: an innovative and relatively inexpensive advertising design option.

I enjoyed this unabashed bit of self-promotion from Gostickman.com describing their win of a Construction Marketing Association marketing award for Best Animated Video.

Here’s the promotional piece:

and here is the winning video:

I realize here is a danger in diluting the “wow” effect by then showing the video gostickman.com produced for us, but you will clearly see the structural similarities.

Of course, the point here is that, if you elect to use animated videos in your marketing, they should rightfully conform to certain expectations and your own company’s messaging, and I doubt you would post videos from non-related organizations on your websites or social media.

As well, like any external marketing resource, you should think about these services in context of your integrated strategies. ?How will the videos link/correlate with your message and community?

Still, the gostickman.com videos have a worthy explanation/communicating role.

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