A simple SEO (and relationship-building) technique: The expert round-up

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Tim Brown ?from Tim B Design -?Web Design Minneapolis has demonstrated one of the most effective SEO and business development strategies available to us. ?He invited me (and several other) construction marketing experts to contribute to a round-up posting on the topic on his site. We were offered backlink recognition and social media publicity.

It’s nice to be flattered, and since I’m an expert (no modesty here), it was easy for me to come up with a topic. It isn’t a new theme for readers here — my belief that client-focused associations are among the most effective ways to build your business — but added value to the roundup.

Of course, as he probably hoped, Brown gets a backlink from this site — and presumably the other contributors, who shared their own thoughts:

  1. Overview of Construction Marketing?? Tim Brown ??Tim B Design
  2. Integrate your Newsletter???Monica Pitts ??Maye Create
  3. Join an Association???Mark Buckshon ??Construction Marketing Ideas
  4. Use Local SEO to Rank in Maps???Alex Genadinik???Problemio
  5. Invest in Your Branding???Dennis Michael????Wake Creative
  6. A Contractor?s Perspective on Marketing???Robert Robillard?? ?ConcordCarpenter.com?and?ToolBoxBuzz
  7. Get Local News Coverage???Maggie Aland ??Fit Small Business

The concept of asking for (and sharing) advice also works on the relationship-building level. You build your network, and enhance your reputation. It doesn’t take too much time and effort, so it should be in your construction marketing toolkit.

Note: A few caveats here. First, your efforts in this regard must be genuine, natural, and specific. If you try a canned approach you’ll fall into the trap of the massive number of sleazy operations trying to build/share links with guest posts and the like (which I never will support.) The ironic success here comes from asking rather than offering — if Brown had sought to give me a “free” guest post I would have declined, but by asking me to write a contributing piece — to be a guest poster on his site — he breaks that barrier.

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