A simple blogging idea: Take a picture, tell a story

construction photo
What's the story here? You can turn a straightforward site-related construction photo into a worthy blog posting

Darren Slaughter has provided an idea if you are a contractor having trouble figuring out a blogging topic. It is elegantly simple.

Take a picture, tell a story.”

He continues:

Tomorrow, when you are on the job site, take a picture of whatever it is you are doing. Don?t make it a completed picture where you are showing off your work (that?s a different post), no, this picture you want to take mid-job.

The reason I want you to take a picture part-way through the job is because you are going to use that image as the basis for your post. Take the picture, then spend the next 350-600 words explaining the following:

Who: Who is this type of job good for.

What: What is it that you are doing.

Where: Where in the building (or outside) you are doing it.

When: Is this project seasonal? Is there a time element? Is there a better or worse time of year, day or season to do it?

Why: Why are you doing this? Obviously, because someone hired you to do it, but what happened to cause this project to be started in the first place?

How: How do you do this project. Explain in detail. That?s how you build expert status with your readers.

This approach certainly makes sense to me. You don’t need to be an expert writer to develop the framework and you should be able to answer these questions with simplicity and readership relevance.

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