A powerful referral program email invitation: No subtlety here

mumby insurance
mumby insurance

mumby referral emailMumby Insurance Brokers Inc. in Kitchener, Ontario, certainly doesn’t promote its referral program with quiet and subtle nuances. ?The brokerage, in asking me for information about upcoming events for the Construction Specifications Canada Ottawa chapter (for which I am currently the chapter chair), sent an email that has probably the most direct and forceful referral program invitation I’ve seen in my career.

It’s hard to show the bluntness and brashness of this email sig invitation because I won’t publish the sender’s name nor the full email here. I sent an email to the brokerage and phoned as well, inviting comment about the program’s effectiveness, but haven’t received a response yet, and so the actual email itself remains confidential. (When I phoned, the receptionist was certainly cheerful, but I’m sure my inquiry didn’t fall into the usual categories for someone needing a new insurance broker.)

In any case, the referral email sig leads to the company’s referral website page, which I can link here as it is on a public website. You can get to it either by clicking here, on the link above, or this image below.

mumby insurance
This is where you go when you click on the “Get your free pizza now” link on insurance brokerage’s email signature graphic.

Hopefully I’ll be able to provide some quantification about this program’s value and success to the brokerage in a future posting. I suppose you can ask?whether this blatant referral initiative is in good taste, or just tastes good — however, it seems potentially quite effective to me, considering the difference in the cost of a referred lead (a pizza) ?and the lifetime value of a new insurance brokerage client.

The brokerage also clearly has decided to put emphasis on association relationship marketing — another high-priority business development and marketing strategy.

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