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You'll find many insights and ideas in Matt Bouchard's blog at nc-construction-law.com/
bouchard blog
You’ll find many insights and ideas in Matt Bouchard’s blog at nc-construction-law.com. Bouchard is a lawyer at Raleigh-based Lewis & Roberts PLLC.

Matt Bouchard‘s blog: N.C. Construction Law, Policy & News, transcends state-specific North Carolina issues, providing useful and relevant information beyond the state borders.

Matt Bouchard
Matt Bouchard

Consider, for example, recent postings, one of which reports on an initiative by the American Arbitration Association to put a cap on arbitration award costs (though I’m not sure how much an approximately $50,000 fee cap can be considered modest) and a second posting about risk management, where Bouchard successfully applies his Twitter feed and connections. (The strong Twitter presence will provide Bouchard a great entry-point for the upcoming social media competition, which I will introduce after the judges select the 2015 Best Construction Blog.)

In one post, he successfully distills and summarizes several effective strategies to reduce project risk and increase success probabilities, starting with a quote form the XL Risk Management Blog:

Why do people make poor decisions when it comes to risk?? Sometimes it?s because we have a tendency to be overly optimistic. We subconsciously minimize things that are unpleasant to confront. ?It?ll be OK,? ?We?ll be good? and other rationalizations can fool us into thinking that if we say it enough, those thoughts will hold true. At other times, people make poor decisions because we?re in a rush or elect not to analyze available data. In between unbridled optimism and pure analytics is a healthy balance that can help us make better decisions.

Then, consider this remark:

Finally, there?s this bon mot from IRMI President & CEO (and self-professed ?risk and insurance geek?) Jack Gibson (@UGAJack), who makes an elegantly simple (simply elegant?) risk management case:

Jack Gibson's twitter feed
Jack Gibson’s twitter feed

Along with the content, I think you’ll enjoy Bouchard’s blog layout and design — it’s simple, effective and easy-to-read.

This is a worthy contender in the 2015 Best Construction Blog competition.

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