A construction marketing event you can attend which I can?t


get storied margolisLets try this on for a marketing message which may stretch your imagination.

In this posting, I will encourage you to attend a construction marketing event which I cannot attend, in part because of a story which is so unbelievable that you cannot know it in full.

Well, actually, the event is a webinar co-ordinated by Tim Klabunde?s 22,000+ member Design and Construction Network,

Storytelling: Creating Your Attraction Factor, featuring Michael Margolis, author of Believe Me!

You need to know how to talk about yourself ? without being a brag or a bore. We?ll discuss what to share and what not to share, and how to establish resonance in a matter of minutes. You?ll learn how social media is changing the process, and how to craft a bio story and about page that networks for you while you?re sleeping.

The webinar is happening Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 1 p.m. EDT, about the time I?ll be entering a meeting room somewhere in the Googleplex in Mountainview CA for a conference session covered by a non-disclosure agreement and where photos are not allowed to be taken.  So I?ll have to miss this session about storytelling because I?ll be in the midst of an event for which I won?t be able to tell much of the story ? at least publicly.

Margolis?s message is important, because many times we are unable to tell our stories effectively and convincingly.  I?ll order his Believe Me! book through Amazon.com ? but if you attend the webinar, the book (value $17.95) is free.

For more information, visit this link or click on the image.  (I?ll receive a modest affiliate commission.)  You can save $20.00 if you register today.  Last chance for the discount.

As for my somewhat unbelievable marketing success story which has resulted in the all-expenses trip to Google?s headquarters next week, I?ll hopefully be able to share some details of the experience ? if not the specific points covered by a non-disclosure agreement ? in future postings.

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