7 reasons why you should read Matt Handal’s blog (Best construction blog competition)

Help everybody everyday blog
Matt Handal
Matt Handal

Matt Handal loves the primary number 7. He has several recent posts with “seven links”. ?I expect this is deliberate — because Handal is always deliberate about what he writes. ?He studies marketing science and then applies it in his own work.

  1. His Help Everybody Everyday blog doesn’t waste your time. You’ll find what you need to know quickly;
  2. Handal cites his sources and backs up his assertion with science;
  3. He is an expert on the proposal development process — the key point at which professional service businesses win their work. ?You can read reviews of his Proposal Development Secrets book here.
  4. He truly is helpful on a personal level. If you have a problem or need a bit of support, he’ll provide it (he appreciates the principle of reciprocity);
  5. You don’t need to pay a cent for some really great advice and insights;
  6. He isn’t a “guru” selling marketing services — he is a real marketer working for a real forensic engineering practice in Philadelphia;
  7. All of the above. He offers a potent combination of science, experience, skills, simplicity and spirit.

If I’m right, this posting will receive more follows and tweets, and receive more “read throughs” than some of my other (more long-winded) gems. I also think seven is a really lucky number. You’ll achieve more than luck by reading Handal’s blog and requesting his e-letter, however.

The Best Construction Blog competition voting continues to April 1. You can view live results and vote here.

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