3 points about content marketing that will create sizzle (and steak) for your business


Undoubtedly, you are aware that content is king online in marketing. Solid (engaging) content stirs the search engine giants to like you — and that liking occurs because readers are responding.

But does this translate to new, profitable business?

I doubt anyone expects a client to openly say they committed to a multi-million dollar project (or even a sizeable home renovation) because they read one of your website articles, or viewed a video or blog post. Yet, there are reasons why creating and distributing compelling, original (or well curated) content works so well.

You build trust.

Instead of pushy sales messages, and shouting “calls to action” readers learn something of interest and relevance — and so they read some more. As they understand you really are sharing useful information, they begin to trust you, and that trust of course is the beginning of marketing success.

You precondition the audience for the behaviours you wish to happen.

As I’ve reported recently, psychological research reported by Robert Cialdini indicates that messages (even unrelated to the actual marketing story) communicated just before the decision-making time influence the final choice. ?In other words, you set the stage for your actual business dealings with effective content management.

Finally,?you dazzle the search engines.

Google/YouTube algorithms (and Facebook’s) have become much more sophisticated. They’ll of course look for backlinks, but they are much more interested now in the engagement level — the amount of social sharing, length of time on site, and internal link reviews (that is, how different pages are viewed within each site). These changes mean increasingly there isn’t a “one size fits all” search result — and if your content is well-developed and matches your intended audience, you’ll see an uptick in truly qualified viewers seeing your site quickly and credibly.

Next: A look at how to create and manage content effectively.

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