2019 Best Construction Blog competition: A look at the early votes

best construction blog 2019 Feb. 5
Results on Feb. 5. Note a categorization error shortchanges Hard Hat Chat by six votes, so it would rank second if the votes could be counted in the graph. The results here are fixed, but are updated real-time within this posting's entry page.

We’ve only had a few days of popular voting (which will continue until March 31) but already the 2019 Best Construction Blog competition is heating up with some pretty solid numbers.

Obviously the data will change.? While the headline image is fixed, the chart above should revise in real time.

One error:? Through a miscoding on my part, I managed to create two initial entries for the same blog: Hard Hat Chat. Unfortunately, my technology skills aren’t so good that I could merge the results for the removed listing into the overall totals, meaning this blog lost six votes.? If they had remained — this blog would (at least on the day/time I’ writing this note on Feb. 5) ranked second rather than fifth.? I will of course add the “lost votes” back into the total in evaluating the final results.

A “win” in popular vote is important in this competition, but isn’t a guarantee of success because the final decision is made by independent judges. I introduced the judging earlier in this competition when some bloggers working for large organizations were able to swamp the popular vote with campaigns geared at employees and suppliers/contractors. Initially, I tried to fix the issue by restricting votes to one per IP address/location. But that had the perversely opposite effect of denying opportunities for organizations with groups working together.

The two-stage voting and judging system seems best. Success in popular vote sufficient to get to the top six or seven ballots ensures the judges will look at the blog. Top ranking in the popular vote earns a category win. But the judges can weigh other factors including the diversity of voting, as well as the blog’s overall quality in content and design, in making their choices.

Here’s the voting link. You can vote once per email, and select as many blogs as you like in your ballot.

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