2015 Construction Marketing ideas social media competition: Your opportunity for recognition

social media competition form
The 2015 Construction Marketing Ideas social media competition
social media competition form
The 2015 Construction Marketing Ideas social media competition

You have an opportunity to be recognized for your leadership in social media through the new Construction Marketing Ideas social media competition.

This competition, for which nominations are now open, goes beyond the well-established Best Construction Blog competition to explore social media leadership in all venues/services (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Houzz, and other services.)

The competition process will have some similarities to the Best Construction Blog competition, with popular vote counting for a significant amount of social media success. The top vote-getters will receive special attention from independent judges.

The difference between the Best Construction Blog and social media competitions will be that social media contestant finalists??(the top seven or possibly 10 vote-getters) will be invited to provide some additional information to the judges, namely information quantifying or demonstrating how your?enhanced social media presence has succeeded for the nominated business/organization. We will keep this information confidential or share it in public, as you prefer.

Nominations are open now and will continue to May 31, 2015. You can nominate your own business/organization or one which you respect. ?The popular vote will commence June 1, concluding July 31. (I expect successful contestants?will effectively use their social media capacity to “get out the vote”.)

It is okay to enter this competition whether or not you have participated in the Best Construction Blog competition (and blogging is?a form of social media). There of course is no charge to enter the contest, nor are any fees or any kind expected of the winning/finalist candidates.

Here is a link to the nomination form.

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