20 content marketing tips — are you using these ideas?

content marketing
content marketing
This article has 20 content marketing tips.

This Search Engine Journal posting will get your mind thinking, and realizing some potentially new ways to enhance your content marketing effectiveness. I’ve just started reading through the 20 tips, but the first one really stands out as an easy-to-understand idea.

1) Look for Blog Topics Right in Your Email Inbox

You likely get a hefty stream of questions, comments, and inquiries about your business every day and, chances are, some of them keep popping up again and again. When you find yourself answering the same question from clients or buyers time after time, consider turning it into a blog post for your company?s site. In addition to acting as a one-stop-shop FAQ, this also makes your company more relatable, provides the consumer with valuable information and shows them you are thinking about their needs and concerns.

I’ll share some of the other 19 ideas in follow-up postings. You’ll probably benefit by reviewing the entire article at source now.

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