Expectations and results



  1. Thanks for sharing this post Mark! It’s an interesting look at both sides of the story. Unfortunately, far too many companies sign up to advertise or market with no concept of a a strategy or how to measure success at all (and far too many ad sales people don’t care if they do). Then later, when they realize they spent $10,000 for a few hundred clicks, they say “well, that was a waste of money.” Of course, then it’s easier to blame a service provider than to examine their message, landing page or even their whole website. Thanks again for the post.

  2. Chris, thanks for the comment. Of course this story – like most — has more than one side. Many people in this business have unrealistic perspectives about advertising but alas many people selling the stuff don’t play the game fairly. And of course then again, there is the reality that something that works well for one doesn’t for the other.

    I was certainly humbled a few years ago to discover a really serious disconnect between our product/service and the value received by clients. The weakness almost killed the business (at least in a form I could enjoy running). Thankfully, we caught it in time — though it is quite amazing how many of our competitors in the niche we occupy play by the same old rules.


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