Best Construction Blog 2018 Voting Booth

blog logo cmiHere is your ballot form for the 2018 Best Construction Blog competition. You can vote for as many blogs as you wish, but only once. (This means, if there are several blogs you think are worthy candidates for “best blog” you can select them all — but you can’t return again and again to vote for your favourite(s).)

It is okay to refer this ballot to friends, colleagues and family members — and for nominees to campaign for votes. The popular vote result will be influential in selecting the finalist blogs, but the blogs with the most votes will still be reviewed by independent judges, who will assess the blog on other qualities. This ensures that smaller businesses and bloggers have a fair chance at winning the competition and that success in a massive vote-getting campaign doesn’t ensure victory.

Fill out my online form.

To vote, select your favourite blogs, then click to the confirmation page — this is where we make sure your vote is counted. Since this is a contest that is free to enter and win, we haven’t taken extreme security measures to ensure the votes are genuine, but we reserve the right to disqualify votes if we sense there is something questionable about your voting.

We’ll keep your name and email address on a special database to (if necessary) verify your vote and to communicate the voting results — and final “best construction blog” selection. Otherwise, we will not use your email address for other emails and communications — unless you request (by separate checkbox) to receive the Construction Marketing Ideas newsletter or other information from us.

If you have any questions about the voting process, you can email